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During his tenure as member of the Swiss Radio Orchestra (DRS), Vicho came in contact with many European music performers such as Caterina Valente, Domenico Modugno, Mireille Mathieu and Helmust Zacharias. He is always happy to re-capture that Continental feeling playing French songs and musette melodies, Viennese waltzes and Italian canzoni.

The New Casino BandLATIN: Vicho Vicencio's current Latin ensemble is a reincarnation of the original Casino Band, a very popular 7-piece outfit headquartered for four years at GENARO'S TROPICAL Mexican Restaurant in the Lakewood area of East Dallas during the eighties. The early nineties brought back the passion for Latin dancing, so Vicho reorganized his latin group, this time up-dating its name to THE NEW CASINO BAND. Now concentrating mostly on private and corporate parties and a few prestigious club spots (Sambuca Jazz Cafe 1999-2000), the band is enjoying a new life playing Latin Jazz, Salsa, Caribbean and Brazilian styles, while making new fans and friends.

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Latin Band Sound Sample