Vicho Vicencio Vicho Vicencio Moondance Orchestra and Combos
Vicho Vicencio Mid-Size Ensembles

7-PIECE BAND Plus Vocalist: Four horns, piano, bass and drums. This is the reduced version of the traditional Big Band sound yet more flexible and easier to accommodate in limited spaces (small ballrooms, private homes)

9-PIECE FORMAT: Add guitar and an extra horn to the above for a fuller, livelier sound making use of our extensive Standards and Pop-rock-disco repertoire. From Glenn Miller through Sinatra, Bacharach and Jobim, THE MOONDANCE BAND will recreate Van Morrison, Motown and all those happy dance songs that will instantly entice the young and the young-at-heart to the dance floor!

Any changes to the above groups as suggested
by our clients will be gladly considered.

To listen to a short sample of our Seven Piece Band please click:

Seven Piece Sound Sample